Always paying 5 figure service bills?

Slash your bills at Authorised Service Centers!

Only for cars under Warranty / Extended Warranty.

Only in Bangalore at the moment.

Save money on car servicing using Slash car service

Mind-blowing Savings.
Wheels Wisdom DNA.

What is Slash?

An Annual Membership to control service bills of your under warranty or extended warranty car, at Authorised Service Centers, and yet enjoy world class service experience!

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited servicing and repair pickup appointments.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Unlimited on-demand home inspection / assistance visits.
  • Jump start / Battery replacement assistance.
  • Puncture repair / Tyre replacement assistance.
  • Insurance claim handling at the service center.
  • Self paid body repairs assistance.
  • Insurance renewal assistance.
  • Each pickup includes: Our Technical expertise, Cost control, Quality control, Post service QA, Appointment booking at the service center, Diagnosis of additional repairs, Pickup & drop (by Tech Advisor – not drivers), Highly professional interaction, Continuous updates with photos, SMS and Email alerts.
  • Jump start, Puncture, Towing, Repairs, and Service center charges are payable at actuals.
  • Membership benefits are only available in Bangalore.

Car out of warranty and extended warranty?


How does it work?

1. Buy membership

2. Book a service

3. Free pickup

4. Cost control

5. Quality control

6. Photo updates

7. Thorough QA

8. Vehicle ready

9. Payment

10. Delivery

11. Discussion

12. Feedback

Slash is unlike anything you've seen before.

Original spares.

Service at Manufacturer Authorised Service Centers.

No commissions

No commissions accepted from service centers.

Pay at actuals

Service center bills settled at actuals. No complex math.

On your side

Team incentives based only on your delight. Not on bill value.

Complete end to end control. No playing mediators.

How are we unique?

We charge a transparent, flat membership fee to provide a high quality and technically sound service. We do not accept any commissions from service center. Any discount is passed on to our customers. Remember, there is no free lunch. Anyone who provides ‘free pick up and drop’ either works for the service center, or takes commissions. Logically, they will not benefit from lowering your bills. We’re independent, and are a customer to dealerships.

We do not employ drivers. Drivers don’t drive your car to the service center! Only our Technical Advisors do. We use that drive to carry out our first level of diagnosis on problems reported by our customers, and pass on precise troubleshooting pointers to service centers upon vehicle check in. We don’t even see that step as ‘pick up and drop’! For us, it is a much valuable Diagnostic Drive.

Our Technical Advisors are our own employees, in whom we significantly invest in training, domain expertise, and in our unique org culture. We personally manage your car service, and take ownership for quality. We’re not comparable to discount driven aggregators that dole out a shiny app to customers and service centers, and sit back.

We’re driven by Values from the word go. And when it comes to Integrity, at Slash, there are no shades of grey. You can be assured that your car is in the hands of India’s most Ethical car servicing company.

We don’t ask you to install yet another app for car servicing. Using our lightweight fast website, you get pure, undiluted automotive expertise at your doorsteps. And that’s exactly what your car needs. Automotive expertise. Not a slick app doling out freebies and cashbacks.

Ask any of our customers, and they’ll vouch for this! If we come to know that we made a mistake, or that you’re inconvenienced in anyway after our work, we relentlessly follow up until we’ve solved the problem. If you’re a Slash™ customer, there shall be no frustrations going forward. Guaranteed.

There are no ‘generalists’ or ‘coordinators’ at Slash! From the first person who picks up your call on the phone line, to senior management – each one of us understands automobiles. That means when you explain a problem to us, we just get it. Without frustration. It also means we understand systems and sub-systems in your car like no one else does.


India's most ethical most respected most loved highest rated car servicing company.

How does it work? (Detailed)

  • Become a member

    Slash is a members only service.

    We schedule your Annual and Six Monthly Service as soon as we have you on board!



    We pre-book your planned service appointments.


    You also have the option of booking an unplanned appointment via our website.


    We recommend an ASC based on our experience, though you can override our decision.

  • We pick up your car


    Our Technical Advisor personally drives your car to the Authorised Service Center.


    We call this the Diagnostic Drive.



    At the service center, we ensure only necessary tasks are considered for your approval. We reject all unnecessary jobs and value added services.


    We technically validate the need for any replacement or repair. We do not entertain blind replacements of entire assemblies.

  • Estimation approval


    We send you an email requesting approval of estimates towards repairs.


    We proceed with work only after we receive your email approval.



    We ensure the right procedures are followed and no corners are cut for every job performed.

  • Final QA

    After the work is completed, our Tech Advisor tests replaced components, and takes a test drive where necessary to ensure that every service job is completed as it should be.

  • Balance Payments


    After service, you receive an email and SMS confirming the exact balance amount that needs to be paid.


    You can conveniently make the balance payment via UPI to our Tech Advisor. He in turn pays the same amount to the service center.


    Credit Card payments are also possible, but only if the service center has the facility to generate them.


    Payment via Slash™ is available, but will attract a 2% convenience fee.

  • Delivery


    Your car will typically get back to your address by 7 PM the same day, if only regular service is being carried out.


    For additional repairs, the delivery timeline can only be predicted after diagnosis, and based on availability of spare parts.


    Don't worry, you will know the delivery timeline during estimation approval. You're always in control.

  • Closing Discussion

    During delivery, our Technical Advisor has a detailed closing discussion with you.


    This is also the stage where you discover how much money we saved you with our Technical Expertise.

  • Feedback


    We collect feedback from customers during service, at the time of vehicle delivery, as well as at periodic intervals after the service engagement to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service.


    We’re known in the market for our excellent post service support!

  • Follow ups


    In the rare event that there's a follow up issue after the service, we take immediate action to accurately understand what went wrong, and to get you back on the road ASAP.

Pure, undiluted Automotive expertise. Not commission based aggregation.


Because answering your questions is important!

Slash is brought to you by Wheels Wisdom – India’s highest rated car servicing company on Google, Facebook, and Team-BHP.

Our Educated, English speaking, and Technical advisors personally control your car service at the authorised service center, enforcing manufacturer mandated maintenance, while declining unnecessary replacements and services.

With tight Cost Control that leverages our Technical Expertise, we slash your bills by knocking off unnecessary line items from your service bill. As a result, our customers can never be fleeced.

Think – why is it free?

Without our Technical Expertise to protect you, you’ll be asked to replace parts and get services done that are simply not necessary.

Remember, an issue can be resolved by replacing only the necessary child part (the honest way), or by replacing the mother assembly (rip off). You wouldn’t even get a whiff of the extent of rip off!

The number of unnecessary repairs you’re made to approve is mind boggling. In comparison, our membership fee is peanuts!

At Slash, our Technical Advisors stay with your vehicle and control every aspect of its service.

No, the membership fees are purely our fees, and do not include any type or service center / repair / wash charges.

You pay those charges at actuals directly to the shops we go to. We facilitate those payments digitally via our Technical Advisors. Since we don’t accept any commissions of any sort, our membership fee helps us stay truly on your side.

Our membership fees vary by car model. To see the membership fee for your car, click on ‘Get Started’, and proceed to view the membership fee for your car model.

We do not carry out illegal aftermarket accessory fitments not recommended by the manufacturer, and modifications to the vehicle (of any kind).

Wheels Wisdom gets cars serviced at Multi Brand Service Centers, while Slash is exclusively for service at Authorised Service Centers. Earlier, service at Multi Brand Service Centers as well as Authorised Service Centers used to be carried out under the Wheels Wisdom brand. Now, we’ve hived off ASC service under Slash. Slash is brought to you by Wheels Wisdom!

No other company gets your car serviced at ASC’s, and saves you money.

Ethics: Slash is driven by our core values of Technical Expertise, Quality, and Integrity.

Quality. There is simply no comparison of our quality levels, to anybody else’s in the market.

Customer Centricity: Slash is not a ‘platform’ connecting customers to service centers with drivers ferrying cars up and down. Only our Technical Advisors drive your car, manage its service at the service center, and bring your car safe to your address. We do not employ drivers. 

Only our employees (Technical Advisors) drive your car to the service center, and our employees are trained extensively to drive your vehicle extremely carefully. In spite of all care, in the unfortunate event of an accident, we will get the vehicle restored to the original condition as it was at the time of pick up, using the registered owner’s comprehensive insurance policy. Any difference amount between what the insurance policy pays for and what is actually paid at the service center will be borne by us. Loss of NCB (No Claim Bonus) is also compensated by us. Repairs will be carried out at Authorised Service Centers. But please rest assured, we rarely run into such situations, and are extremely conscious of the trust our customers place in us. Whatever happens, we will ensure we retain your trust. That’s our promise!

After we receive your booking, we recommend an ASC based on the service center’s Quality and Turn around time track record with us. We also look at proximity, but only after the first two factors are satisfied.

Our advisors are ex top performers at ASC’s, and have a unique blend of technical expertise, experience, and professional training not seen anywhere else in the Indian car service industry. Unlike the ‘pick up and drop’ service provided by service centers, where a junior technician or a driver is sent home, we send Technical Advisors. Our advisors understand every nuance of your service needs, and make sure everything gets done as it should. Our customers’ cars are precious to us. You will notice the extreme care with which we operate your car right from the word go! Your car is absolutely safe with us.

Authorised Service Centers are extremely crowded on weekends, when it is impossible to get the kind of attention to detail we demand for our cars. We do work on Saturdays though. That’s the day our team gets together for team meetings, pushes out backlogs, and catches up on pending deliverables. This ensures the best possible service experience for our customers.

One of our critical process steps is the Diagnostic Drive, which is our Technical Advisor driving your car from your home to the service center. Skipping this step will mean a process deviation, and therefore we strongly recommend you don’t consider dropping the vehicle at the service center yourself.

No. While we understand your anxiety if you’re dealing with us for the first time, we need you to trust us. We are customers at the service center, and we treat your car as ours. Presence of the vehicle owner at the service center creates confusion as to who is in charge, and hampers our work. We would like you to stay home or at work, and trust us. Your trust is our most valuable asset, and we are cognizant of it at all times.

Yes, once you’ve enrolled in our Annual Membership online, we have all your details. Thereafter, you can request for an appointment via our phone line.

Appointment dates are updated in real time on our website. All you have to do is click on your preferred booking option. Your booking page has a clickable calendar, which shows appointment availability in real time. Dates in green blocks mean they are available. Dates in red blocks mean they are completely booked and not available.

At Slash, every customer is important.

People behind Slash

Our team is carefully handpicked to ensure that they put Values first, and can embrace the extreme customer centric Culture at Slash. Rest assured, your car is in best hands!

Slash was founded by Sandeep Menon (ex Wipro, Oracle, and Goldman Sachs), and counts people at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, Amazon, Accenture, British Telecom, and Trimble as investors.