Exactly how much did you overpay for your last car service?

If you said, “I have no idea.”, you’re not alone.

Most people have no clue.

Imagine this. Your car is checked in for service. You had reported an issue that needed to be fixed.

The issue can be fixed by replacing a ₹500 child part. But you don’t know that.

It is not revealed to you either.

You’re told the ‘entire assembly’ needs to be replaced, and it costs ₹12,000.

Of course, the service center knows that the entire assembly includes the ₹500 child part, and replacing it will definitely solve your problem.

You reluctantly ask the service center to go ahead.

Problem solved of course. But do you realize how much the rip off was? A cool ₹11,500.

The truth is, most car owners have no idea that they are being ripped off.

And knowing the extent of rip off is nearly impossible, unless you’re an auto professional yourself.

At Slash, our own Technical Advisor, who is our employee and a thorough auto professional, deals with the technical validation of estimations with the Authorised Service Center. So that you remain protected. Always.

There’s no need to send your car to Multi Brand (3rd Party) service centers, just to save money.

We have NO financial relationship with service centers. We are a customer to them. A tough, very technical, and large customer.

We’ve saved thousands of customers lakhs of rupees using our knowledge, protecting you at every stage. Since 2015.